Naps progress

So where am I?

I have painted and based all of those hussars (3 bases) , to go with three bases of infantry and a mixed base of lancers and jagers to become the advanced guard for III Korps. These bases have the sand glued on but still need the ink/drybrush/static grass finishing off.

On the painting table there are 4 bases of artillery (8 guns and crew) The plan being to finish the painting of these by the end of the week, finish all the outstanding basework over the weekend and then get on with the French from next week. I might ease into the French by starting with the Italian Guards - one mixed base of elite infantry and cavalry.

The other job for the weekend is to ctalogue my existing bases and produce a worklist of stuff still outstanding.

I would still like to get 3-4 more Austrian infantry bases done before Salute but I'll need to see how time goes. The alternative is to give the existing bases some extra hit points within the rules and say they represent 3,000 rather than 2,500 troops. No point getting to distressed about things.
Lastly, here is the terrain board representing the top of Lobau island where the Danube curves around. The pontoon bridges are from Heroics and Ros. The next step here is to get some of the bridge sections and mount them on model trestles to represent the other temporary bridges constructed by the French