Proxy Austrians

Here is a base where nothig is quite as it appears. The skirmishing Grenz are British Napoleonic Riflemen, the formed Grenz are British Napoleonic line infantry and the landwehr are British AWI in campaign dress. This all adds-up to a base of Austrain light infantry ready to take its place in the advanced guard. The Grenz officer shouldn't really have a bicorne, but I have cut him a little slack and assumed it is his family's "lucky hat"

Next up, a base of line + landwehr and a base of jagers + chevauxlegers.



  1. Really good looking troops and great "paint conversions".

  2. It really does look the business! I have just painted the first sample strips for my planned 1809 project and I appreciate the work you have saved me puzzling the substitutions out!

  3. Why do I keep (mis)reading this as "Poxy Austrians"?
    *shakes head*
    Very good though

  4. Maybe "poxy" comes to mind because you commanded austrian wargames armies....

    I wrote ind it still looks like poxy to me too.

    Austrians are a kinf of love/hate thing :-)

  5. That could be it.
    Hopefully you're playing the (all-too short) period when the Austrians experimented with winning!


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