On the workbench

Hi all, thanks to the 30 or so chaps who have joined the yahoogroup to look at the rules, I hope you enjoy them. I have noticed a couple of inconsistencies so I'll put up a clarification next week.

Meanwhile, painting continues. I'm currently working on a few bases of Austrian advance guard-types. These are mixtures of regulars and landwehr or grenzers. I'm away at a conference over the weekend, so I expect I'll be putting up pictures of these next week. I've done some calculating on the back of an evelope and reckon I have to produce a further dozen or so bases of line & landwehr and about the same of line infantry alone. I'll also need s few more cavalry and artillery bases, but I hope to get most of the Austrian army finished by Christmas. I can generally paint one model batallion a night (24-30 figures) meaning I can finish one 60mm square base every 2 nights. Weekends are sometimes a bit more productive.

Baccus have also announced that work is about to commence on a new range of napoleonic British. I think this probably means that 2009 is taken care of!