I hear Partizan was a good show, I didn't get to see much of it! There was loads of interest in the game I put on. Here are few pictures:

An Austrian KorpsA French Division
The Northern flanks at the end of the game, with the Austrian IV Korps falling back and the IR Korps putting in a final countercharge:

..and the Southern flank with the Austrian III Korps holding what is pretty close to its start position.
Overall, the Austrian III and IV Korps attempted a pincer movement on the rapidly arriving and deploying French. IV Korps moved decisively against the French left but lost theri nerve, halted and then started a slow fall-bak that they never really recovered from. The arrival of reserves boosted the Austrian fortunes, but it took the reserve infantry 7 hours to march 2 miles, losing the initiative somewhat. In the centre, the Grenadier and Heavy Cavalry reserve made a late showing, inflicting substantial casualties on St Hilaire's veterans, but it was too little, too late. In the end the battle was a tactical score draw, but strategically there was no way to stop Davout from linking up with the rest of the French and Allied army.

Meanwhile, next to me was another 6mm napoleonic game, staged by Neil Shuck of "Meeples & Miniatures" and his gaming buddy Dave Luff. Their game was an introduction to 6mm naps gaming, using "Polemos:MDE" and utilising tropps and scenery readily available from traders at the show. A neat idea and well done:

Next stop, Aspern-Essling?


  1. the close up of the French is quite superb.
    How smooth did play the rules? I have been trying to take into account the SK factor only if there is a difference between the two units otherwise, I'd consider that the Sk ability balances out.

  2. Thanks!

    The rules played well. I was playing both sides and completed the scenario during the day as well ans talking to people. The scenario had around 40,000 troops per side and took (game time) from 9am to 8.30pm.

    Skirmishing does not feature heavily as the range is only one base width and only the initiative player makes SK attacks. It inflicts a few shaken results, but not too many. It is probably an arwa that needs more work though :-)

  3. Very good to chat at Partizan, and very impressed by the game. I also liked the sound of the rules, and what you were trying to do overall.

    Impressive stuff as ever!


  4. Thanks Mike, good to see you too and I'm glad you liked the game. This is, I think, the most enjoyable of all my projects to date.



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