Partizan coming soon

To kick off, here are some close ups of a building base so Braxen can see what it looks like unoccupied:and occupied by a French regiment:

These buildings will be part of the game I'll be staging at The Other Partizan at Kelham Hall near Newark, Notts on the 7th September. Also at the show as traders will be Baccus (who make the figures), Timecast (who make some of the buildings and supply me with some of my MDF bases) and ERM (who supply my other MDF bases)*

The game will feature a scenario based on the 19th April 1809 during the Danube campaign. In reality this day saw the Battle of Teugn-Hausen and some desultory skirmishing. The scenario for the show supposes that the Austrians were able to coordinate their forces a little better and launch a serious attack on Davout's French corps as it marched south from Regensberg to link-up with the rest of Napoleon's army.

I'm looking forward to meeting the readers of the blog on the day if any of you can make it. Please stop by, say hello and have a chat.


* Yes, Pete at Baccus also does MDF bases, but he has enough of my money already :-)


  1. Even nicer in the flesh, and in ingenious and pretty way of doing it!

  2. very neat system...The houses are superb as well.


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