Building bases

Hello again at last. Delays due to holidays, getting back to work, studying etc!

Here are two shots of my recently completed building bases. Each square contains a number of buildings and a "lift-off" 60mm square to allow troops to occupy the built-up area. I hope to add a further 4 bases to this before Partizan (i.e. in the next fortnight)

First shot shows complete bases:
Then ready for occupation!
On the figure front I have finished enough French infantry for 5 bases (half of II Corps) and Austrian cuirassiers and dragoons for 1 base each. I just need to finish a base of Austrian grenadiers ready for the demo game at Partizan.


  1. gorgeous

    Could you show us how a base look with some infantry in it?

    That would really help to see how it looks when occupied

  2. Looking forward to seeing the game at Partizan!



  3. Hi Steve, I've been trawling through your old posts and wondered what size base it is that you put the three houses on (with the removeable 60mm base)?


  4. The bases are around 90 or 100mm square in most cases.


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