Quick catch-up

Back again!

Just a round-up of progress over the last week or so.

Last week at the club we tried out the Gensbruck scenario again. It worked out as a sort of draw, with the French just about holding their grouns but being close to their breakpoint by the end.

I then tweaked the rules again, to speed up combat and create a few more casualties. I think they are just about there now, but need a bit of fine tuning. I've divided infantry into two types: massed (most) and linear (british, early prussians, etc) who vary slightly in the game; linear having an advantage when receiving attackers and massed being able to count a base in contact to the rear as support (if unshaken and facing the same way).

This week we played a scenario based on part of Wagram, around the villages of Aderklaa and Deutsch-Wagram. The french attacked with 2 french corps, the Saxon corps, a heavy cavalry division, a light cavalry division and the Imperial Guard. The Austrians defended with 2 line corps, a reserve of grenadiers and heavy cavalry and a division of reserve light cavalry. The scenario kicked off at 7am game time and we got to 2pm by the time we needed to pack up (about two and a half hours real time). The new combat rules worked well. I played the French and dithered a bit when I should really have used my infantry as more of a battering ram. The Saxons under Bernadotte were suitably inactive.
I created arule on the fly allowing Archduke Charles to grab the reserve corps commander by the short & curlies to get his formation moving.
In the end, daring Austrian counterattacks and a lack of aggression kept the French at bay for 7 hours!

I have taken a week off painting, but last night I cracked on again with those pesky French Cuirassiers!