Gensbruck - aftermath

So, how did it all pan out?

Sadly for the Austrians they were unable to maintain their momentum. The arrival of the bavarians forced II Korps to about-face half of its strength and fighing on two fronts meant that it becmae fixed in place. Davout's artillery managed to break up I Korps sufficiently to keep it from making a decisive attack in the centre. The Autrian reserve, whilst powerful, was under the command of a cuation officer of the old school and steadfastly held position around Gensbruck rather than lending support to the hard-pressed I Korps. Evenbtually the French heavy cavalry worked its way arounf the Austrian left flank and delivered a devastating charge, sweeping away the Avant-garde and thretening the flank of I Korps. At this point, Arch duke Charles ordered his forces to fall-back.

Davout's III corps have been badly mauled, but the Austrians again missed the opportunity of delivering a decisive blow against the French.


  1. hello,

    do you use FPGA rules for artillery or home rules? I thought some twiking might be necessary from the initial rules.

  2. I use a simplified version of the GA rules. Artillery fires cannister (2d6) at 6cm range and roundshot (1d6) at up to 24cm. Foot artillery hits on rolls of 4+ and horse artillery on 5+.

    I have a short list of modifiers.


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