The Church at Aspern

The church at Aspern burned down at the Battle of Aspern-Essling, however it formed a key defensive position at the battle and I really wanted a model of it.

I stumbled across this resin version on the Magister Militum website. It is part of the JR models range (which includes the Essling Granary) but is listed as a small cathedral. Having compared it to contemporary paintings it looks pretty close.

I've given it quite a pale colour scheme as shown in some paintings, although it is possible that all, or parts, of it were more grey.

I have given the model a base of MDF with added Timecast walls and trees, big enough to accomodate one 60mm square base of troops.

Currently painting: Saxon cavalry (Prussian figures from Baccus)


  1. Lovely. I have to say that I've always regarded 28mm as the one "true" scale, but your 6mm Napoleonic project really is inspiring.

  2. I have this model and thought I did a good job of painting and basing it until I saw yours. I really like the shading you have done and the basing. I did not know that it was an actual historical model so now I have to buy another and copy yours. I also plan to get the Granary. Did you do that as well?


  3. Hi Chris

    I did the Granary in February. There are pictures here:

    Painting the sundial was fun!



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