Still here!

Fret not. Painting is still going on, just a bit slowly over the last few weeks. Everything will get back to normal once Salute is out of the way.

I have been planning furiously to see what needs doing on the terrain front. As I'd like to put on a really spectacular demo game next year I have found a way to do the huge battle of Wagram. This might involve a "L" shape table, so I'll have to aske the Warlords nicely if I'm to get this at Salute 2009. Wagram featured around 150-200,000 men on each side and should allow me to show just how spread-out a big napoleonic battle could be.

This does mean a little more painting is needed than would have been necessary for one of the earlier battles BUT I do get to field the army of Italy with some green uniforms.

I have ordered some plain polystyrene squares so building should be able to commence in the next week or two.



  1. Hi Steve,

    I'd be very interested in hearing about your terrain building project - especially if you are designing the tiles as a set to be used after Salute next year.

    Michael H.

  2. first off the blog is great, and has inspired me to sort out my own Napoleonic army, quick question regarding the long grass from gaugemaster, how many bases worth do you get out of it? not sure how much to order...

    anyway ive added your blog as a link on mine, keep up the good work.


  3. The gaugemaster stuff goes a log way if you just use little tufts. Order 1-2 packs for now, more if you want to make fields out of it.


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