Plans for February

No plan survives contact with the enemy/wife/cat (delete as applicable) but it seems a good idea to have one. I think I'll be happy if I can finish a second Austrian corps by the end of the month. The buildings are more or less done and I won't base them until I'm more sure of how I want them to look and that I have enough. This can wait until the end of the year if necessary. I have one base-worth of infantry figures primed and undercoated and enough in the bits box and on order to be able to churn out 2 infantry divisions and some light cavalry. I might need some more figures for grenzers but I think I'll wait and see if the new Baccus British become available towards the end of the year. British in stovepipe shako are quite a close match in 6mm to austrian grenzers in peaked klobuks, but the current nap Brit range isn't brill and lacks really nice skirmishing figures. In the meantime I might turn out a base of Jagers to keep the light infantry coming.

Rough plans for the rest of the year?

Don't be silly, I'd never stick to it. The plan is to mix in painting the repetetive infantry stuff with more colourful light cavalry. As I am on a bit of a roll with Austrian white I'll stick with this as long as I can before moving back to the French. The Guard are crying out, however, for two bases of Young Guard to finish them off, so I may have to get the pot of blue out sooner than intended so I can finish off that particular formation.

The ideal minimum I'd like to aim for by the end of the summer is 2 french corps, 1 Bavarian corps, 2 Austrian corps, Austrian reserve corps and French Imperial guard and French cavalry reserve

If this goes to plan I can then add in Wurttembergers to the French and then just add corps to each army, concentrating on Austrians first in case Aspern-Essling is achievable (4-5 austrian corps). Wagram is still a possibility, if not for Salute, then for one of the Partizans, but the terrain would be big (and I'd need a LOT of troops) and I'd need to start planning for this in the summer as I did terrain building last winter for the BoB game and I don't want to freeze my bits off in the garage again!

This is a bit moot however, as Salute falls in April so it seems better to cover one of the April 1809 battles - Eckmuhl or Abensburg. These are a bit one-sided due to Napoleon's superior strategic ability, so a degree of "what iffing" will be needed. I suppose I could use a long table and fit both battles on, but that is probably a bit too ambitious. :-)

Any ideas for what you'd like to see in an 1809 demo game?