Next week's plan

With only 48 hungarian infantry left to paint from the current batch, which I'll finish tonight, I can think about what to get prepped this weekend ready for next week.

The plan is still to do the Young Guard infantry next. I have based the Old guard on a single 60mm square and although I could possibly justify them being split onto two I like the limitation this puts on them. If I'm to do the same with the YG then they will need 2 bases. This could be stretched to 4, but again I like to keep the guard of 1809 as a precious and limited resource - and it means less painting.

This means that I'll have time next week to paint figures for one more base. I've done some digging and I think a mixed base of french legere and the Tirailleurs du Corses would look a bit different. In 1809 it seems most likely that the TdC were in a brown french-style uniform with green facings and a black french shako, so I can use french figures with a different paintjob. If I do things this way then I can always use the same base to represent the TdC and the Tirailleurs du Po when they fought combined at the TdP probably wore a legere-style uniform at this time.

That's the plan for now, after that I think I need to get some regular french ligne units painted. looking at the "box of stuff" I have quite a few french infantry left and easily enough Bavarians for another division. There are also plenty of French and Austrian Cuirassiers, so I can keep busy for a few weeks yet. Looking at the loose figures lurking at the bottom of the box I can also do another base of Austrian Uhlans. I mustn't forget to get some more French artillery done soon too.

Next on the purchase list will probably be (but not all at once):

Austrian infantry booster pack
French infantry booster pack - perhaps in bicornes for some variation
Wurttemburgers when they are released (soon I believe)

The wurttemburgers will only need 4 bases of infantry, 1 or 2 of artillery and 2 of cavalry I think, so thay can be a nice distraction when I get them.
Hopefully I'll have photos of the Austrian army so far to put in the blog next week.