Half-term holidays

Hi all

No pictures today, but I have been cracking on (honestly) with my next Austrian Korps. I have completed the following, bar the painting of the bases:
1 x Jagers
1 x Chevauxlegers
1 x Hungarian infantry
1 x German infantry
1 x General + ADCs

I have primed up another base of German infantry and three artillery batteries (2 x foot and 1 x cavalry). A reinforcement pack of infantry has also just arrived from Baccus (enough for 6 bases). All-in this will complete the Korps and I'll post pics when this is done. This should be manageable for the end of March, possibly sooner, but I do have an exam on March 11th so I'll need to fit in some revising too.

After that it will be back to the French or Bavarians, probably French as I haven't done any for a while. I have plenty of both hanging round the painting room. The pressure still feels "off" as the project doesn't have to come together until April '09, so it still seems a long way off. I'm still not sure of the exact scenarios I will aim for at each show (Salute and at least one Partizan, possibly both) but the timing would naturally suggest doing something in Bavaria for Salute (Abensberg, Eckmuhl etc), Aspern Essling in May at Partizan I and possibly Wagram at Partizan II. The difficulty is less likely to be the figures (although Wagram would be a push) but the size of the terrain. Eckmuhl and Aspern-Essling would actually be quite small, and possibly unimpressive for show demos, whereas Wagram is probably a bit too big, having a 12 mile frontage! Any ideas or comments are welcome and at least I have plenty of time to mull it over.

I'm also experimenting with florists' wire, lichen and clump foliage to see if I can produce some home-made tree bases. Proper trees, even in 1/300 scale are quite expensive at around 50p each. They are great to tart up building bases and to have here and there, but building forests verges on silly money if there is a reasonable alternative. The plan is to twist 3 starnds of wire together, cut to length and open up into a goblet shape. Then I'll fix in a clump of lichen with PVA glue, fix a few to a base, spray brown and texture the base and finally glue on clump foliage with more PVA. I'll try a few forst and see how it looks.