The Granary

This model is of the granary at Essling. This featured heavily in the Battle of Aspern-Essling in 1809. The model is by JR, courtesy of Magister Militum here in the UK. It claims to be a 1:285 model, and is relatively smaller than the "6mm" Timecast stuff , but as it is a model of such a large building this is perhaps for the best.

The detail on the model is not as crisp as the Timecast models either, but this is not to say it is bad. It is very similar in style to "hovels" models.

I managed to find colour pictures of the granary and the sundial on the end here:
and here:

and I think I manages to match stuff up pretty well. The window frames need some tidying up and it will all need matt varnishing before final basing, but overall I think it will look good once incorporated onto a scenic base.

Model dimensions are 87mm long by 38mm wide (ignoring the little porch)
and 44mm high to the roof apex. Cost was £3.50 from

JR models also make a 15mm version also available from magister militum, so be careful if ordering!

That is about the last of the buildings for now, so it is back to the Austrian troops from tomorrow



  1. Steve,
    Another excellent job. Fantastic work on the sundial! I would love to see a shot of it based.
    Can you describe the steps in painting? I am very interested in the shadowing.

    You have to post some pics of your battlefeild when complete.



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