Building site

As a break from troops I have been painting some buildings. They aren't quite finished yet, but I'm please with how they look so far. These first 4 are all from Timecast's 6mm Napoleonic range and are really good castings that were no trouble to paint up

In the second phot is a Timecast church and two of the "Les Baitements" (I think that is spelled about right) buildings that they carried until recently. The church is being remastered at the moment, which it probably needs as there are some mould lines on mine. It still painted up fine however and will look good once based. The other buildings are of a lower casting/moulding quality and I can see why they won't be carried by Timecast as they are simply not up to the standard of their own stuff. That said, they do provide some extra variety.
After these I have one more Les Baitements building to finish and I'm expecting a model of the granary at Essling to arrive soon. I have also ordered some civilian bits and bobs from Baccus, so hopefully I'll have a couple of little villages all based up in a few weeks.
Next troops: Austrians in helmets - enough for another base primed and ready to go.