Arthurians for the Beast: Part 4

Shields today. I'll finishe the rest tomorrow as I have to watch the Test Match highlights tonight. The shields are given a base coat of regal blue, then a lighter coat of regal blue/ultramarines blue.

A cross is then marked out using Sand coloured paint, as hsown in the photo. One shield is given an extra bit of decoration with a circle joining the arms of the cross. There is no "trick" to the circle, just a steady hand
Details are then painted in using burnt sienna (as they will be red). The blu areas are highlighted with ultramarines blue

The red is then picked out again with blood red and the white areas highlighted with Cream

Blazing orange highlights the red bits and white gives a final finish over the cream. The photo below shows the stages of highlighting one of the shields. The circle between the arms of the cross was painted using only Sand and White without the Cream as an intermediate. This is to give the pattern painted on a bit more distinction

Finally a close-up of one of the figures with his completed sheild. I have undercoated the spears so will finish those and the bases over the weekend


  1. I, for one, have really enjoyed your "Arthurians for the Beast" articles and appreciate your taking the time to put them together.

  2. Dude, respect!

    Love the lil welsh dragon ting.


  3. A great tutorial Steve. The shields look great!


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