The Battle of Hubbardton, 7th July 1777

 It has been slow around here for the last few months as work has kept me quite busy. Despite this I have been tinkering away with gaming the Battle of Hubbardton and turning it into the video below rather than a demonstration game for The Other Partizan. I've learned quite a lot in doing this and have moved forward from my first iMovie experiments presenting Freeman's Farm at Partizan in the Cloud. While this really is not the same as putting on a real game at a real show, it's probably as good as things are going to get for a while, so I hope you like it!


Duc de Gobin said…
Absolutely superb work, and very inspirational.
Many thanks for this.
John Ray said…
Best Blog post on the internet for years.

Absolutely wonderful production.

Beautifully painted miniatures and excellent terrain.

Thank you for sharing your hobby.

John Ray
Greta work! Looking forward to the battle.
Matt Crump said…
Steve have just watched through while painting some Virginia state troops....but I had to keep stopping ! Absolutely brilliant production, great to see your collection in action. The effort you have put in was well worth it. Personally as said above it is the best post I have seen for a very long time πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I am already looking forward to the next one. I really like your historical approach but obviously balanced with an overall aesthetic. Whilst I have been missing shows you production is actually better as you get to see the whole battle and much more interesting and personal explanation. Can’t thank you enough very inspirational πŸ˜€
That's some excellent work Steve! I really like the added sound effects in addition to the layout and explanation. Very inspirational!

Anonymous said…
Fantastic Steve! Your blog and now videos are a great inspiration for the AWI. My collection is for the southern campaigns.....but this is tempting me to Saratoga. Many thanks.

Mark J
Norm said…
Best telly! Thanks for putting this together, hugely enjoyed it.
steve said…
Great watch. Thanks for doing it. Would like to see the rules in action to better understand how they work.