Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Camden 1780 at Partizan 2018

This Sunday just gone I staged my recreation of Camden at the Partizan wargame show in Newark, Nottinghamshire. A few pictures of the game are shown below.

The armies set up historically but were allowed freedom to act thereafter. The rebels launched attacks on both flanks. On their right the 2nd Maryland Brigade led the way, taking on Rawdon’s loyalist brigade and inflicting considerable casualties especially on the Royal North Carolina Regiment. On the rebel left flank the Virginia militia and state troops attacked bus soon faltered due to lack of discipline and command/control. Gradually the entire line of Virginia and North Carolina militia broke and ran. The battle was ended when tbe 23rd, 33rd and 2/71st regiments flanked the 1st Maryland Brigade just as Tarleton’s cavalry ploughed into the side of the 2nd Maryland Brigade, relieving the pressure on the loyalist militia. 

A result pretty close to the historical outcome. 



Hi Steve,
Nice looking game!
I was wondering how you worked out the troop numbers as most were small units but some such as Washington's cavalry had a major effect in the battle.
I worked out an OOB using Age of Reason rules so to get the impact of the Continental cavalry some units grew in size.
Graham Wilkinson

Michal Kucharski DwarfCrypt said...

Great looking game!

Steve said...

Hi Graham. I use a figure:man ratio of 1:10 so units can be represented down to strengths of around 40 men/4figures. Washington’s cavalry weren’t at Camden. The only horsemen of notable quantity and quality were Tarleton’s British Legion. All the cavalry on the rebel side were pretty unimpressive.

Graham C said...

Great looking game and good to chat and exchange notes on the merits of terrain cloths 🤣

Independentwargamesgroup said...

Im very envious of you being able to attend Partizan. Yours was one of the games I was wanting to take ideas from but sadly family matters come first unfortunately. A really beautiful game Steve,very well done. Maybe I will get to plagarise at the next Partizan in August, family matters permitting.

Matt Crump said...

Lovely looking game Steve 😀

BigLee said...

Amazing looking table and miniatures.

Graham2401 said...

My mistake Steve, I was thinking of Cowpens.
Graham W