Sunday, 5 March 2017

My Wargaming Week, 5th March 2017

On Friday I managed to get the current Breed's Hill collection onto a 6x8 table to begin optimising things for the demo game. The basic set up is shown in the first photo. The Mystic river is in the foreground with Charlestown in the distance. Breed's Hill is in the middle with two red flags flying in the redoubt.

A few things will change. The crops will be replaced by long meadow grass I think and the exact buildings/layout of the outskirts of Charlestown might be tweaked. There will be more militia, more fences and some stone walls but overall the layout "works". 

Here is a closer view of the redoubt and breastwork. The fleches need further work. 

Howe's right wing. Grenadiers approaching the fences, light infantry descending to the beach. Artillery in place on Moulton's Hill.

A view along the British line. 

Yesterday I popped along to the Hammerhead show. I picked up some 6mm grass sheet from which I have made the following patches of long grass to use as meadow:

I also bought a small pond from The Last Valley, and gave it the same "treatment". 

Lastly I bought another artillery crew in shirtsleeves and a blister of northern militia; both from Perry Miniatures. These have received a coat of Vallejo light grey primer and will be painted over the coming week.

I think the demo game should be ready well in time for Cannon so I hope to see some of you there on 2nd April or at Partizan in May.


Jonathan Freitag said...

This layout would is becoming a visual treat!

Phil said...

Wonderful pictures...and this pond is superb!

Monty said...

Excellent stuff all round!

painterman said...

Looking good Steve - will make I see it at shows this year. Good to have a quick chat too....

Matt Crump said...

Looking good 🙂

Rodger said...

Looking very very nice!

leang heng said...

Excellent stuff all round!