Saturday, 18 February 2017

My Wargaming Fortnight, 18th March 2017

Hi all

This week I have been on leave from work, for the half-term holidays.
This has helped a little with my productivity and I have managed to finish off the British army for my Bunker Hill/Breed's Hill project:

Here is the entire force. Howe's right wing on the top shelf, then Pigot's left wing and finally the reserve forces under Clinton:
 A close up of Howe's wing. Grenadiers, Light infantry and the 5th & 52nd regiments. The artillery are out of shot.
The command base for Howe himself is hidden at the back.
Then we have Robert Pigot of the yellow facings of the 38th with the left wing of the British army.
There is the 1st battalion of marines, three line battalions (38th, 43rd and 47th) and a "flank battalion" of the grenadiers & light infantry of the 35th, 63rd and 2nd Marines. Pigot is assisted by a second command base featuring Major Pitcairn of the Marines. Pigot himself was a Brigadier General but I opted not to put him in the blue facings of a staff officer. I may reconsider this.
Lastly, General Clinton and the reserve of the 63rd Foot and the 2nd Marines. Historically they landed quite late so weren't involved in storming the hill but played a role in mopping-up afterwards as the rebels retreated across Charleston neck.
The command vignettes feature a few conversions, achieved by taking the arms of various Foundry command figures (mostly standard-bearers) and replacing them with plastic ones from the Perry AWI British plastic command sprue. The exception is Pitcairn who is an Old Glory figure for now, but might get replaced by a conversion in the future.

Last week I also did some work on the artillery to make the carriages a little less blue and a bit more light grey. This was actually easier than I thought it might be, as highlighting with vallejo Light Grey seemed to do the trick without any major repainting. It has a slightly blue tinge to it anyway.

The model of Breed's Hill is now finished and I have made a start on the beach sections that light infantry will use to try and outflank the rebel defenders. Once these are done I will get the whole lot onto the table and see how it all looks (expect pictures!). February means that terrain building is slow progress however while I wait for glue and plaster to dry...

On the painting table now are rebel figures for command vignettes, sharpshooters and gun crews in civilian dress.


Neil Scott said...

Great work

NW Crew said...

Fantastic stuff. /Mattias

painterman said...

Very impressive looking force Steve - look forward to seeing the game this year.

Michael Awdry said...

What a fabulous collection.

Monty said...

Excellent all round!

Matt Crump said...

Really impressive when you see them together great work 😀

John Ray said...

Steve, You must be very pleased. Wonderful looking British collection for BH.
A Big Thumbs Up

Giles said...

Great stuff, Steve.

Paul Robinson said...

Really nice. And in between all that you managed to write over half of the articles in the next issue of WSS to boot!

leang heng said...

Excellent all round!