Sunday, 6 November 2016

Breed's Hill (3)

A little more progress on the hill this weekend. The structure has been covered in PVA and newspaper. I coloured the glue with some paint as this made it easier to see what I was doing. I've also put fine sand in the trenches for texture.

The redoubt is coming along. Basic structure was DAS clay which has now had a coating of chinchilla sand.

 And finally, the Crown forces for the battle so far. I'm currently working on more grenadiers and Christmas will bring figures for the remaining line infantry. I also need to refresh and expand the light infantry and artillery. I reckon I'm 50-60% of the way there. After that in 2017 will be more Minutemen as opposition and Indians for Lord Dunmore's War (1774).


My plan remains to expand my forces year by year between now and 2024 when I can then refight the whole AWI starting with its prelude at Point Pleasant (1774). By then the collection will be large!


Steve63 said...

Looks good so far, I'm looking forward to seeing it completed

John Ray said...

A most interesting long-term project. After many years I completed the armies for the Southern Campaigns including the French and Spanish.

Nice looking collection and good luck. I will follow progress with much interest.


Steve said...

Thanks, John. I've admired your work for a very long time :-)

John Ray said...

Thanks Steve, AWI is a most fascinating military timeline. These days I am more interested in 'Island Hopping' in the Caribbean and the exploits of Galvez. Interestingly enough, I have just posted a photo on my AMG Blog.

Once again, I am looking forward to following your engaging Blog posts.