Saturday, 15 October 2016

My Wargaming Week, 15th October 2016

The main thing finished this week has been the 63rd Foot, ready for Bunker Hill. This has involved rehighlighting figures from my old 55th foot, painting a few extra figures to match; then rebasing the finished figures. The unit has 32 figures including the standards which allows a 1:10 representation of the unit at the battle. The marine battalions will be of a similar size and the other regular regiments will be smaller as most probably fielded only around 200 men each in their centre companies. 


I have already made good progress on the 38th:


And have just begun work on the 43rd:


All of this still involves reworking existing figures but I'll soon be ready to order fresh lead to complete the army!


Neil Scott said...

Excellent progress

Jasper Oorthuys said...

Your speed is astounding Steve! Are you switching back to 6 figs a base / regulars for earlier in the AWI?

Keith Massey said...

They are very impressive and I really admire your ability to produce units so quickly and to such a high standard.

I hope you don't mind me asking, but how do you go about basing figures which are deeper than a single rank?

I find it difficult to avoid getting glue on parts of the figure's if I fix them all down and then try to work between them.


Steve said...

Hi Keith. I paint diluted PVA between the figures and over the rest of the base, then dredge it in a mix of various basing materials. The PVA flows between the figures without too many problems. I've covered this in previous blog posts if you dig around a bit.

Steve said...

Hi Jasper. Yes. My rules use unit density to determine shooting and melter rolls. These are based like my Hessians as 6 figs on a 50mm frontage representing close order. From 1776 onwards my British have 5 figures on a 60mm base. Continentals, loyalists, etc have either 6 per 60mm or 5 per 50mm - these are the same density in game terms.

Steve said...

Melee rolls. Damned autocorrect!

Keith Massey said...

Thanks Steve, I'll take a look.