Monday, 24 October 2016

Breed's Hill (1)

Today the glue had dried on my first step towards a model of Breed's Hill.

I had glued an old 2'x2' terrain tile and two 1' square tiles to a piece of 3'x2' hardboard roughly trimmed into a rounded shape:

 Using an old bread knife I then cut the polystyrene to match th shape of the hardboard:


Then I marked out where the fortification would be (blue) and the ditch (purple):


Then more work with the bread knife to shape the contours of the hill. I used a box cutter and a screwdriver to carve out the ditches in front of the fortifications:


I think that is enough for today!


Michael Awdry said...

Wow, that's impressive already.

Monty said...

Agreed, looking good!

Matt Crump said...

Messy stuff ..... but looking impressive

Keith Massey said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished item with your impressive armies.
Well done you!