Sunday, 10 July 2016

My Wargaming Fortnight, 10th July 2016

Hi there. It has been quiet on this front while we have new carpets put down through most of the house. This has given the welcome chance to reorganise my study and I should be able to restart painting in the next few days. Gaming might take a couple of weeks while the garage is full of boxes n' stuff.

In the meantime, some photos of my tidied workspace:

1. Desk for painting, writing, etc. All my basing materials are now organised in matching boxes rather than the random selection I had built up over the years. Ospreys to hand above the printer. Paints, brushes and tools are in the drawers under the desk and in the keyboard drawer in the desk iteself

2. The wargaming and history library. Scruffier stuff hidden behind the doors:

3. Plenty of light:

4. The opposite wall, mostly Dr Who and other Sci-Fi stuff as well as three display cabinets - my fourth has been temporarily retired to make room for more space in the library. These are IKEA cabinets, long OOP for CD storage. Black top, back and bottom with glass doors, sides and shelves.
Each has 4 glass shelves, which added to the base gives plenty of storage.

The lead mountain is now all removed to the garage and will be sorted through over the summer.


fireymonkeyboy said...

Looks like a lovely space. Enjoy it!


CelticCurmudgeon said...

Splendid...simply splendid!! This would be an ideal work space for any painter/gamer/collector. Well done!!

painterman said...

All very neat!

Matt Crump said...

Looks great but you won't be able to find anything....the first rule of tidying up 😀

Jonathan Freitag said...

Superb gaming haven!

Michael Awdry said...

That's a fabulous space you have there, I'm very envious.