Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Drooping Boulder, the battle rages

Hi all

On the British right the fusiliers have been engaged in a prolonged firefight with Sumter's militia. One militia unit has been forced out of the battle but the remaining two have worn the redcoats down to the tagged edge. The British have decided to stand and fight as in campaign terms they will surrender a supply train if their camp is overrun.

In the centre the Queens Rangers are in similar dire straits but rescue may be at hand. The miltia failed to prepare for the return of the 17th LD who chased off the miltia cavalry early in the action. It took them a while to reorganise but they have now reappeared and charged the militia in their flank.

Lastly, on the left flank two troops of British legion have been shot-up but a fresh unit stands on he far right and may have to throw itself into the fray to save the day!