Saturday, 23 January 2016

My Wargaming Week, 23rd Jan 2016

This week has seen some steady progress and I have managed to get in 30-60 minutes most evenings after work. As I posted before the two Hesse-Kassel artillery crews and guns were finished off:

...and the painting table now contains a variety of small projects. In the foreground are a couple of mounted Hessian officers. Back-left are some finished grenadiers (2 bases) and back right are the undercoated figures for two further bases to finish the battalion. The rest of the figures are being painted up to add to vignettes, command stands and so on. Mostly Perry with a couple of extras from the old Foundry SYW Prussian range sculpted by Mark Copplestone.

Here is a closer view of those finished grenadiers. The basing will be done once the rest of the unit is ready:

These two figures are from the Perry garrison musketeer command pack but I will paint them up as a little command vignette for the artillery. These have been primed with a grey aerosol primer and a first coat of armypainter ultramarine blue has been quickly applied with a big old brush. The other colours will then be blocked-in more carefully before a coat of strong tone ink then the highlighting can begin.

My Perry order also arrived with the figures for Fusilier Rgt Knyphausen who will be the next cab off the rank.

Once all of this lot are finished my Hessians will consist of:
Musketeers von Bose
Fusiliers von Knyphausen
Fusiliers von Lossberg
Grenadier Regt Rall
Grenadier Bttn von Minnigerode
Two guns and crews
Two mounted officer stands
Assorted vignettes.

I think that will be enough Hessians for now. I might do some French afterwards, most likely Lauzun's legion but don't want to get too far ahead of myself. It would also be good to get some games played and a few articles written.


DeanM said...

Nice SYW project gong on, Steve.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Excellent looking Germans! Your painting table is quite busy.
My foundry/Perry AWI Germans have lain dormant too. We both need to get them into a game.

Mike said...

That close up picture is a great shot - nice work :)

Phil said...

Love these uniforms, great job!