Thursday, 4 June 2015

How I paint soldiers (3)

Hands and Faces to finish.

The first step is a highlight with Humbrol flesh.

This was trickier than normal because of the moustaches and some slightly rough casting. To smooth things I popped on another quick wash of flesh shade:

Then re highlighted and put some highlights on the moustaches with army painter leather brown:

Here's a photo of the finished 6 figures

Now to start the next batch of 6. I'm aiming for a unit of 30 figures plus two seperate standard bearers.


Simon Miller said...

Great looking minis! Love your style.

painterman said...

Great guide Steve - a fairly speedy approach, which creates fantastic looking figures.

Bedford said...

I'm going to re-trace these articles Steve as I have rather a lot of French Nappy Troops that I simply cannot afford the time to lavish my usual technique on and you seem to get excellent results very quickly- which I might add, simply isn't fair! LOL :>)


Matt said...

These are a super series of articles. I've been using a similar technique on my WW2 British and have been quite pleased with the results! As Darrell points out, it saves time and your troops look great.