Sunday, 7 June 2015

Freeman's Farmish (4) the end

After a few further turns here is how the battle ended.

On the British left a see-saw afternoon saw attack and counter-attack. The newly arriving continentals were driven off at the point of the bayonet but a spirited charge by some of Morgan's riflemen neutralised the artillery. Morgan's men held their original positions but the retreat of the continentals left them too isolated to stand alone indefinately.

On the British right there was a similar picture. Again the collapse of the rebel centre due to multiple retreats, broke the stalemate. 

While they still had sufficient troops to form a strong rearguard the rebels decided to pull back for now. Losses had been mostly light with only a couple of units taking severe punishment, so they will be able to resume the fray after a day or two.

This proved a good game and my rules worked well. Most of the regulars on each side were rated as "veteran" (1st line) with a few elites. This is different to the southern battles of 1780-81 where the British usually have the edge in quality. Noticeably this resulted in the battle developing into prolonged musketry duels with less opportunity for bayonet charges. Still, when charges happened they often had significant results. This shows the value of having fresh reserves and committing them at the right time.


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