Sunday, 3 May 2015

Plans for May

With Salute out of the way, what next?

I think the following will be how May shapes up in no particular order:

  • finish painting those napoleonic command figures to go on eBay
  • sort out some old stuff to go on eBay (Foundry limited edition figures, etc)
  • work out how to spend the money I get from eBay :-)*
  • keep working on my current AWI rules with some games in the garage
  • finish painting the British AWI unit that is on the desk at the moment
  • try out the FiveCore company commander rules with my WW2 Poles v Germans and maybe even take them to the club.
*almost definately more Perry AWI but could be Hessians, French, Saratoga British or a few more loyalist units for the South...

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Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Volunteers to come to garage and assist in rule development :)