Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Freeman's Farmish

I currently have a battle going on in the garage. This is based on the Battle of Freeman's Farm from the 1777 Saratoga campaign; but uses my more generic/southern forces. It is proving a good work out for my rules and features more artillery than the southern battles tend to do.

It is an interesting battle and seems very suitable for adaptation to other periods so might form the basis of a future magazine article.

But, back to the action:

On the rebel left flank, they push forward Poor's brigade but are slowed by indians in the woods, supported by loyalist light infantry. A battalion of redocats has advanced from the redoubt and its flank in turn is covered by a unit of jagers.

Close-up of the indians

The jagers begin to pick-off the rebel infantry:

Redcoats stand firm (23rd standing in as the 24th)

The rebel right meanwhile is facing a brigade of British regulars:

The right consists of riflemen and light infantry (I'm using two units of rifles, a unit of Virginia light infantry and the infantry unit from Lee's Legion):

Another view of the British brigade attempting to scare off Morgan's light troops (and not doing especially well) be continued...


Ian said...

Looking good, plenty of eye candy, be that figures or scenery


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Nice looking battle.

McBeth said...

Hi Steve, what a great looking game. Forgive me for asking, what are the rules that you are using? They are your own I gather? I've seen reference to them previously, but are they available for use?

Rodger said...

Awesome looking game!

Steve said...

Hi McBeth
The rules currently consist of just 3 pages of tables and factors. They originated with ideas from Fire & Fury, Black Powder, British Grenadier and a few other bits and pieces. They may remain in this state or they might get polished a little more. Really, so long as they work for me in my garage I'm not currently feeling the urge to do much more with them right now.
Kind regards