Friday, 29 May 2015

Freeman's Farmish (2)

After a brief sojourn to Birmingham and Cadburyworld, action resumed in the garage this afternoon.

On the rebel right/crown left, the redcoats pushed forward against Morgan's light troops, eventually putting in a successful charge and driving off some riflemen, but losing one battalion themselves having left them hanging out to dry in the face of some effective rifle and musket fire. The crown brigade is slowly swinging to the right.

Meanwhile, on the crown right/rebel left, the rebels of Poor's brigade have moved up but find themselves at a standstill as Fraser's British form a useful line.

This shot is from behind the crown baseline:
and this from behind the rebels. They have just bounced-off a charge by the redcoats in the centre of the shot:
...another shot from behind crown lines. The repulsed redcoats are in the middle with a light infantry battalion taking their place in the line.

A shot from the centre of the rebel baseline, taking in Morgan's brigade facing against a brigade of British redcoats. The Royal Artillery have advanced and changed facing to provide better support to the infantry:

A close-up of the British light infantry battalion. Elite through-and-through.
...and the grenadier battalion currently being held in reserve:

The rebels have their own reserve/reinforcements now arriving:



Bedford said...

Really beautiful looking game Steve- the pics really elucidate your love of the period :>)


Rodger said...

Looks absolutely wonderful!

Phil said...

Amazing table and minis, this grenadier battalion is top notch!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I'm with Phil - those grenadiers are stunning.. Front Rank I think??

Steve said...

Grens and LI are Wargames Foundry. :-)