Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Battle of Black's Hill (5)

Last entry for this battle.

On the rebel right flank the remaining continental battalion finally broke and ran from its firefight with the Fusilers.

The 71st meanwhile had forced back the state troops and were nearing the rear of the redoubt. The 33rd were still to move up in support but dragging their heels somewhat.

In the redoubt the militia stood firm despite beginning to take looses from musketry. They are untroubled by the jagers who I forgot to move...

But to the left there is open space and the support to the rear is dwindling with the retreat of another battalion of continentals.

The Royal NC Rgt poured fire into the redoubt but took huge losses:

While the bulk of the loyalist brigade was still reforming:

I played one fury be turn in which the running continentals failed to stop and the RNC also ran. The crown consolidated their three redcoat battalions on the rebel right; the 33rd finally getting in position. The loyalist brigade was pretty shot up but the light infantry were now behind the redoubt and sniping at the gun crew while the Volunteers of Ireland had pulled themselves together.

It would now be a wise move for the rebels to withdraw to fight another day.

As a rules playtesting this was really successful. The flow of the battle and results of shooting and melee seemed about right. Next time I'll try a historical battle, perhaps Hobkirk's Hill or Cowpens?


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