Saturday, 9 May 2015

Battle of Black's Hill (1)

I put together a quick game in the garage today to continue my AWI rules playtesting.

The scenario is based on the battle of White Plains but transferred to the south with loyalists taking on the role of the Hessians, and minus the two British artillery batteries.

The main action begins on the rebel left:

A loyalist brigade crosses the river. The core of the brigade consists of the Volunteers of Ireland and the Royal North Carolina Regiment.

The vanguard of the brigade is a small battalion of light infantry who head off to the rebel left flank:

Where some rifle-armed militia wait in a copse of trees:

Meanwhile, on the hill are some more militia and continental artillery with a brigade of continental regulars in reserve:


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Mike B said...

If I had a garage full of kit like that I'd never leave home! Great work! Are your rules based on Black Powder btw?
Mike B