Sunday, 12 April 2015

Getting ready for Salute 2015

I think that everything is just about set for Salute.

The figures are still in their boxes from Cannon, and just need to have the 17th LD and the extra civilians squeezed in somewhere.

The building selection will have my model inn added, as accounts indicate that there was such a building (also termed and "ordinary") close-by.

Extra terrain boards have been added to the pile ready to go onto the car, allowing for a battlefield 6 feet wide and 10 feet long, which will allow the British a slightly less cramped set-up than last time.

Rules have been tweaked slightly in light of the experience at Cannon - very minor changes.

Dice, tape measures, etc stand ready in their boxes.

I am still awaiting the team t-shirts but have received an email to say they are on the way (from Germany via DHL)

Scrivs has booked the hotel. I just need to sort out my directions, etc next weekend.

This weekend hasn't achieved much as I have been on-call for work, but I have started on some display material (A4 "posters") to go into document stands around the table. I think I'll keep these fairly minimal but do an info pack for my "helpers" so we can answer any questions from show-goers. There really won't be a huge amount of space for an "education centre" and the battle is not a complex one to discuss. Another consideration is that the car is already going to be pretty full, so I'm about at the limit of what I can take. I'll probably add a few books, to have on the table for the day.

I will give everything a final check next weekend ready for packing in the car on the Thursday evening before the show.

One thing I have done is started painting three Perry French napoleonic generals ready for another ebaying session. I need to fund this hobby somehow!

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Monty said...

Looking forward to seeing it, Steve ;)