Sunday, 19 April 2015

GCH Militia commander

One quick repaint later and here is a commander for a brigade of North Carolina militia. I'll possibly use him as Butler, who never served in the continental line but was a politician. I have assumed he might have purchased himself a uniform coat to add to his authority. Also on the base are an ex-continental junior officer and a militiaman.

Another thought is to swap him with another command base to represent Butler and use him to command a brigade of Virginia militia. With a blue coat and red facings either is possible.

Base will be finished tomorrow.


Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Very nice he looks to. Looking forwards to being a part of this next week.

Bedford said...

Lovely vignette Steve!

See you next weekend matey.


Giles said...

Great stuff, Steve. I really wish Perry Miniatures would do a pack of mounted militia commander types in civilian dress - would be very useful.


Steve said...

Giles, I was thinking just the same thing yesterday.