Thursday, 12 March 2015

GCH Virginia Continentals (1)

These will be ready for Salute but maybe not for Cannon on 29th March.

I have known for a while that I don't have "correct" units for the 1st and 2nd (edit: 4th and 5th) Virginia regiments of Hugar's brigade. While I have Continental units that I can use as proxies I would rather have a couple of units that look closer to the reality.

To make a start I have begun a quick repaint job on some Continental figures who have been doing long service as loyalists. These have been de-based and the red coats faced white have become blue faced red. The small clothes (white) have been repainted in some cases in shades of brown. There's some more bits and pieces to do and then these will get a wash of Devlan Mud before being highlighted in the same way as the other figures I have completed recently.

I'm doing 2 units of 30 figures and this will provide about 30 uniformed figures. These will be supplemented by a mix of chaps in shirtsleeves, a couple in civilian coats and some in hunting shirts. Mostly these will be from my lead-pile but I have ordered an extra dozen figures from Perry Miniatures to help fill out the ranks.

I'm happy that I do have acceptable units for the Maryland regiments ;-)

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