Wednesday, 11 March 2015

GCH Second Line (11)

Last batch of figures painted and ready for a grand basing session at some point in the imminent future.

Just need to make a final decision on the standards/no-standards options.

If I don't have standard bearers then I have plenty of minutemen figures that will fill out the ranks.

So. Since 16th February I have painted the 90 "new" figures as well as a few more from the bits box and have freshened up the painting on some others to give me 120 in total. I've also painted a gun, limber and horses as well as re-doing the flesh on an artillery crew. I might even get all of these based up inside a four-week window. This was not something I expected so I'm very pleased to have been able to maintain the rate of output. Lucky I like painting Perry AWI figures!


DeanM said...

Great looking Colonials - I do like the frock hunting coat.

Peter said...

Amazing figures Steve, it's great that you've been able to maintain this level of output over the weeks. I'm looking forward to seeing them all together.

Steve said...

Me too! :-)

Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Lovely work and great progress. I've only done 104 all year!