Tuesday, 31 March 2015

GCH next steps

Following on from the great day out at Cannon in Retford, I have started to put together the finishing touches for Salute at the end of April.

First up are some extra terrain boards. I need three to extend the battlefield to 6' x 10' (or stick to 6x8 but "lose" the creek). I have one extra already. It has a small pond but this can be hidden in a corner or covered with a hill. I definately need two more "plain" boards and luckily had two old TSS boards in the garage. These have received two coats of brown fence paint, a heavy dry brush of the same paint mixed with a little sandstone masonry paint and a drybrush of the plain masonry paint.

Once the final coat has dried they will get green paint and flock so that they match the existing collection.

At Cannon I also bought some 4-Ground wagons with C18th crew & casualties from Colonel Bill's. I have built the wagons and given them some paint effects so that they look a little less like the wooden kits that they are. I have undercoated some draught horses, the crew, the casualties and some Perry camp scene figures and dragrope men. If time permits these will be added to the general background for the game at Salute.

I have also made some minor tweaks to the rules we used on Sunday to slightly increase the decisiveness of melee, but the changes are quite small as the balance seemed about right, and I think our tactics with the British were a bit naive.


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