Friday, 13 February 2015

Making progress

Well, work has been pretty busy for the last couple of months. However I have been cracking on with the plan to refresh my AWI militia in time for Salute. I have just about painted up (or re-touched) enough figures to re-do enough militia for the first-line at Guilford Courthouse.

For the second line I have new figures on order as many of the Virginia militia were dressed in hunting shirts according to a quote in "Long, Obstinate and Bloody", so those old Foundry minuteman figures will just not look the part. They will get reorganised into militia suitable for the northern campaigns (Boston, Saratoga, Philadelphia, etc).

This will give me three militia collections:
1. Shirtsleeves: which I will use for the Carolinas militia
2. Hunting shirts and civilian dress: for the Virginia militia
3. Civilian dress: for the New England militia

All units will have occasional figures in uniform to represent ex-continentals.

Today I have been putting together some rules ideas as an alternative to Black Powder. These draw largely from Fire & Fury, C.F.Wesencraft's rules and British Grenadier. They should be quite fast-play; a little slower than BP but a tad more "traditional" in some ways. Some playtesting on paper went well, although I had to tone down the artillery a bit.

I'll be putting on a game at Cannon in Retford at the end of March. Probably not the full Guilford CH, as I doubt all of the militia will be ready by then. I'm sure I will find something suitable though!


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