Friday, 20 February 2015

GCH Second Line (4)

Latest batch of figures to add to the pot. I'm half way through now.
Once all the figures are done, they will be randomly divided into the units I need.


DeanM said...

Great looking "rebels"!

Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Excellent work. Looking forwards to seeing them at Cannon and Salute.

Bedford said...

Keep it up Steve.... not that I have any doubts that you won't :>)


Steve said...

Thanks Darrell and all.

Half term is nearly over so expect a slowing, but I'm pleased to have got so much done this week. I've nearly finished the next 16 and that will mark the 2/3 point for this batch of 90 figures. I think 60 figures in under a week is good going.

Of course, these chaps in hunting shirts are pretty quick to do, compared to more detailed uniforms.

I have just ordered a few extra command figures and an artillery limber. As the coffers now need replenishing I have also ordered some mounted command figures for Waterloo for painting and ebaying.

Giles said...

They look fantastic, Steve. I like the mix of colours, particularly on the hats - it's nice to see the odd tricorne that's not black!

Bets wishes


Baconfat said...


These guys are absolutely top notch work. Terrific colors.