Saturday, 25 October 2014

AWI Commanders now on Ebay

I have put those AWI command stand on ebay, so happy bidding if you are interested.
I have enrolled in the international shipping program so lets see how that works out.

Officer with buff facings:


Moiterei_1984 said...

Some excellent work here!

Michael Awdry said...

Tremendous command stands Steve - best of luck with these.

Nick The Greek said...

Hey Steve,

I wouldn't mine owning some of your work, will compliment my troops and painting style.
Will you ship to New Zealand?

Steve said...

Hi Nick
eBay now have a system whereby I send to a uk mailing centre and they send on to international destinations, so that should work. I don't paint commissions so it depends what I have time to do and pop onto an auction.

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