Sunday, 16 February 2014

Base renovation

No pictures yet, but I might take some later on.

I have had a busy weekend refreshing the bases on my older units of Continental infantry to bring them up to a similar standard to my more recent units.

As well as doing this I retired a few figures from the 6th Maryland to have new facings painted and these chaps joined the 5th NY to expand it to a full 5-stand unit. I then back-filled the 6th Md with some freshly painted troops in hunting shirts and touched-up the flag.

Lastly on the painting front I have begun work on the British Guards flank companies for Guilford Courthouse, etc; and a new version of Lt Col Webster.

I also re-configured a few command figures to create a specific command base for the Maryland and Delaware line. This is the first stage in re-vamping all of the rebel commanders.

Additionally I have been giving thought to rules, specifically pulling a few bits from "British Grenadier" and Henry Hyde's "Shot, Steel and Stone" and bolting these onto the basic "Black Powder" system. As part of this I have been giving some real thought to how to classify units and represent them on the table. I have sort of settled on the following for games set at the usual scale of a unit being several companies or a battalion at roughly 1:10 scale:

Tiny units: up to 6 infantry or 3 cavalry, assumed to be in skirmish formation
Small units: 8-12 infantry or 6 cavalry
Average units: 16-20 infantry or 9 cavalry
Large units: 24-30 infantry or 12-15 cavalry

Small units are being based on 3 x 4-figure elements in most cases as they simply look better this way than being squashed onto a smaller frontage (see my recent post about rebel light infantry). My Guards flank companies will be based as four bases of four figures each (8 grenadiers and 8 light infantry) so they can be fielded as two small 80-man units or one 160-man average one.

The plan after this is to use Perry plastics to field the second Guards battalion and a new "campaign" version of the 33rd to complete my Guilford CH army (currently the 33rd still march in full warrant uniform).

I'm still deciding what to do for the AWI game for Salute in 2015. Guilford Courthouse is an obvious one, but I wonder if Eutaw Springs would be a bit different. This would mean painting up the 3rd, 63rd and 64th regiments as well as a few new provincials and the South Carolina Continentals. Another possibility is a "what if" as I have done before, assuming Camden never happened and Greene was able to field a more complete Maryland Line as part of his army to thwart Cornwallis (who would likely also be reinforced to some extent, probably by some of the units otherwise occupied in Georgia). Really this is just an excuse for a really big Southern battle :-) Plenty of time to decide...

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CelticCurmudgeon said...

Have you considered the possibility of doing a slightly earlier "what if" battle? What might have ensued that rather than being shut up and captured with 5,000 continentals, the colonials marched out to do battle in the open field supported by local militia? This would be large scale and yet far smaller than any battle that might be fought in Europe.
A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon