Sunday, 29 September 2013

AWI Action take 2

Sad to say, the NY continentals did not fare well in the fight against the legion's breakthrough charge. Despite only taking one hit, they failed the subsequent morel test badly enhough to disperse.
With that I called it a day and set up for a new battle.
This time, both armies entered in column and deployed from the march. As moved more than 24" from the enemy (I'm using a nominal 2" per base-width) this happened fairly fast so within about 3 turns we have the situation shown in the photos below.
I've also been playing with my new Fiji FinePix S4500 (not a new model but new to me) using wide aperture settings, a tripod and timer. Early days but things look promising.
N.B. These photos were taken at night in a garage lit just by a couple of 100W energy saving bulbs, so exposure time was about 9 seconds. In brighter light I'm sure the quality will improve!


Kris Marquardt said...

I think those pictures came out rather well! The one thing the 9 second exposure time gave you was a greater depth of field. If you are going to use a tripod anyway you may want to see if you can set the length of time of the exposure.

Moiterei_1984 said...

Great and inspiring pics! Thanks for sharing.

Rodger said...

Beautiful photos!

Matthew Chappory said...

Great looking pictures. Your new camera and settings are working well. I'm looking forward to seeing your next installment :-)

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Great photos. They really take you there.

Baconfat said...

9 seconds is interminable in today's world. My garage is dark like a tomb.

Nice looking game and table.