Saturday, 28 September 2013

AWI Action, first moves

With a few turns played through, I am starting to clarify my understanding of Henry's Rules.

First up, double the bases of skirmishers in the OOB as I was counting mine as "half-bases" like in my own rules, but this isn't how they work.

I reclassified the artillery as light guns to allow for them to be manhandled at infantry speed.

The initial luck in the battle has definitely gone with the Crown forces:

1. Below, looking from the north, the Maryland continentals have been routed after some devastating shooting from the jagers, artillery and legion infantry. The Delawares are left holding the ground but have already accumulated some casualties. Washington's dragoons are moving up into support. In the distance the British Legion dragoons have split the NH regiment forcing it back along with its accompanying artillery, and proceeded to crash into the unfortunate column of NY continentals.

 2. A closer view of the follow-up charge by Tarleton and his Legion dragoons:
 3. Meanwhile, the Crown forces redeploy their infantry:
 4. Including the experienced infantry of the British Legion:
 5. Can the New Yorkers hold?

The next die rolls could be critical!