Monday, 30 September 2013

AWI Action continues

Not much time after work, but I managed to push along another couple of turns and am enjoying the rules.
The two forces have engaged in a mass firefight. To try and get some "go forward" the British Legion infantry have charged the opposition, routing the riflemen in the woods but being brought up short by a volley from the New Hampshire continentals.

Some house flavour to the rules:
Regular infantry are open order so roll 2 dice to fire etc as per the rules BUT each base can take 6 hits rather than 4 before being lost to reflect the lower impact of musketry in the AWI when compared to contemporary Europe.

The stone & rail fences count as soft cover for testing morale but do not modify the shooters roll, rather they add a +1 bonus to save rolls from shooting or melee.

Lastly I think I need some AWI limbers on my Christmas list!


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