Sunday, 16 June 2013


OK, so here are some initial ideas I have tried out for amending PBI.

1. Infantry who fire pay 1AP for the first shot, 2 for the second and 3 for the third so really heavy volleys are rare.

2. The infantry firing has been adjusted as follows:
A) roll to hit, number of dice as per PBI but hit on 6s if moved or 5+ if stationary. Semi-Automatic weapons who move count two 5s as a hit, automatic weapons are not penalised for moving.
B) roll for effect, reroll successes from above needin 3+ vs targets moving in the open, 4+ vs stationary targets in the open, 5+ vs targets behind obstacles and 6 vs targets in buildings.
C) roll to save, 2+ in hard/stone cover, 3+ in soft/wooden cover, 4+ in the open

This makes stone buildings very valuable in a fire fight.

Squares gain a pin marker for every 3 saves they have to make and for every infantry base killed.

Everything else is pretty straight PBI.

To fire defensive artillery the player must roll 5+ to get radio contact or 4+ to maintain it. Artillery is pretty effective and as my games are longer than usual PBI ones it needs to be reined in a little. As attacking artillery only happens on turns 1&2 we'll assume it is coordinated with the attack but maybe allow it later in the game with the same radio restrictions as the defender.

More ideas as they develop.

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