Friday, 1 March 2013

Gothic thoughts

I was browsing the Beeston Bookshop at lunchtime on Wednesday when I happened upon the book pictured. It concerns the Battle of Adrianople and as this ties in with the Late Roman and Goth painting I've been up to I thought I'd give it a whirl, especially as it was reduced to £4.

So far it I like it. The overview of the C4th empire seems balanced and is presented very clearly. I'll let you know how it develops.

The next unit of Goths is just about done and will get its static grass later so stand by for photos. Next after this is probably a unit of non-noble Goths to begin to build up the ranks.

As it is my birthday soon, and I'll be 21 twice I have treated myself to a Foundry order. A mix of late roman, gothic and sarmatian cavalry figures to cobble into some bases of Ostrogoth heavy cavalry and generic Gothic light horse and possibly an extra unit of roman cavalry. I've also ordered some Late Roman catapults although the actual equipment might be replaced by the gripping beast ones I have lurking around but which have crew figures that are a bit bigger than the foundry stuff. I find it hard to mix the two together although Arfur's knights are GB as is my Saxon army. I think the difference shows less in tightly packed bases but sticks out for skirmishers and crews a lot more. Anyway that lot should be here in the next few days!


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CelticCurmudgeon said...

Hi steve,
Have you read Doherty's two books, "Legionary" and "Legionary: Viper of the North?" Both have fairly interesting descriptions of action during the Gothis Wars an will soon be followed up. Barbero's book is very good - I used it to replay Adrianople with my club in 15 mm.
Celtic Curmudgeon