Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Dux Bellorum game two

Just a few shots of our game. Saxons versus Romano-British. The battle was very close but in the end the blonde warriors overcame the British defence. The rules seem really excellent and the game was great fun. Again a game with 120mm elements worked well on a 6x4 table with measurements in multiples of 4 inches.

Two weeks to the next club night so I'm planning to get some tribal pict/Irish elements done to use as allies.



Dalauppror said...

God Morning Steve

Thanks for some pictures of your Dux Bellorum game, looking very good!

I realy looking forward to be able to try the rulesout.

Best regards dalauppror

Bedford said...

I'm very much looking forward to getting my mitts on Dux Bellorum. It will be nice to have a very period specific set of rules for the early Medieval period.

I'm also looking forward to trying out War and Conquest to see how that goes. A wider approach in terms of period but one never knows.

Anyway, if I'm to be really honest rules are not really my forte, I've got Havok! at GBHQ coming up this weekend and I'm almost certain that I can't remember any of the differences between WAB 1.5 and 2 :O(


GuitarheroAndy said...

Thanks for posting the pics and the report. I'm obviously looking to have a go at this ruleset when it emerges in August and am trying to work out how best to base the models, as I still need single based figures for WAB and skirmishy games. Will probably also go with 120mm wide units as I have loads of old 120x80 movement trays from WAB 1.5 days, so I'm figuring the best way would be to use those and make some 'inserts' which are cut and shaped to the number of models I need on each tray - am thinking 5 cavalry, 12 shieldwall foot and 10 warrior foot... I think I'll do a couple of 'mock-ups' over the Easter hols to see how they go. Wish me luck!! :-)