Monday, 5 March 2012

Base finishing part 1

Here is a picture of my dry mix basing material as described in a recent post and a shot of this applied to the cataphract base. Tomorrow, once it has dried I'll add static grass etc.


Bedford said...

Great stuff Steve.

Roughly how long did the painting take to complete mate?


Steve said...

Ooh, didn't keep count but no more than 6-7 hours as these aren't the most complex figures.

Michael Awdry said...

Perfect solution for getting large batches done; I do hope that 'puddy cats' are kept well out of the way. ;)

Phil Broeders said...

Is that going to be enough?

Only looks like 1/2 a ton there!

Steve said...

This batch should do a fair few armies and yes, cats are kept well away :-)

Bedford said...

"Ooh, didn't keep count but no more than 6-7 hours as these aren't the most complex figures."

Ah, but very effective! That's why I asked :O).

I have onlym tried dip once on some metal Perry Nap Brits and the results were far from what i had hoped for. I think I may have daubed it on too much!

Anyway, if you ever get the time, it would be great to see a step-by-step of how you managed the dip and the washes together.


Anonymous said...

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