Friday, 17 February 2012

Squares Updated

I have corrected that typo, amended the rules for fighting in woods and added a reroll for some units defending hills.

Off to the dentist now!


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ronald schlaich said...

Dear Steve,

I was completely overwhelmed by your ‚Squaring-up to Napoleon‘ in WS&S 58 that I did a german translation for myself! If you create any further updates, please let me know!
One question: In C3.3.4 you talk about
"* In woods, infantry and mixed units use their skirmish die type rather than their quality type, cavalry still use their quality type. Cavalry and mixed brigades roll just one die however, so are at a disadvantage in woods."
This "IN WOOODS", does it mean the spuare of the attacker must be "WOODS" or does it also mean "attacking into the wood-square of teh defender"?

Kind regards,